Blue is the color of first breaths

...the sky and the endless ocean blue is the color of a tired smile and how you feel listening to slow, soulful music Blue is the color of peace...the silent mountains you see far off in a distance the visions of love visions of you And the warm embrace of home 1/07/2020 6:25pm

The seer

 Ever woken up from a dream where people were steadfastly peering into your eyes as if searching for an answer? Well I just did! It was weird, they were calling me the seer or something, I hate that in just some minutes I already cannot remember the specific words said. Dreams! how fleeting. They … Continue reading The seer

I am writing this and I’m not sure I can finish; it’s basically how I’ve felt with writing for the past few (many) months. A lot of things have happened (as is the way of life) many worthy of being written about. Many times, I’ve had flickers of ideas that I can potentially develop and … Continue reading

I got wings You got wings All of God’s children got wings When I get to heaven gonna put on my wings Gonna fly all over God’s heaven with my wings Hi there, I’m going to attempt doing this book review thing. This is perhaps the first full blown review I’ll be doing- of any … Continue reading