Reality is fickle

As fickle as a flame

Do you understand this?

Do you see that in this world we must walk blind?

Guiding our steps with shadows

Shadows cast by our mind

Do you understand that the light that guides our journey comes from within?

Not without.

What is love

But a blind man’s voyage

One he glady sails on

He sings as he’s driven by the tides

Love me forever or never


But it ends because of the ficklenesses of life

Do you remember that?

And now he has to converse with shadows

And clocks and spirits

He has to find a radar, a compass

But its fallen too deep into the river

Where it can’t be reached

It fell when on the boat he was singing

Love me forever or never


P.S I.love.you



At the point where the roads diverged into the sunset

I turned my back and tried to forget all about you

I tried.

I had to

It was for the best 

Love is a delicate matter


Be careful little heart how you beat, be careful how you sing

I don’t know how to put it all in words 

so maybe I’ll send one last heartbeat, sing one last song, 

it feels like if I say one more word I would break. 

But what other breaking is left? When all there is now is broken. 


You were in my soul

You were like my own soul

But there is a Spirit

A spirit part of it

And if you have the keys to this secret

I’m afraid you’ll have my heart

But for now I must go

Before I do, I’ll send you this cryptic piece

So maybe when you find out someday 

You would call out to my spirit

And I’ll hear


So I’ll go on

But I’ll wait at the end of the road

We all are waiting for something

For someone

But see, there really is no time

The secret is fast fading away

You must catch if  even a glimpse of the sun before it finally sets

The night is far spent

The day would not hesitate to come

Hurry! Please dearest soul


Remember you are that ambience

Always will be

Take that presence with you as you run

Let it be as a garment, a covering

Let these words guide you.

I let my soul out to you

And that was not my undoing

It is necessary that things  be this way

Sometimes, a part has to leave

For the greater to come

And sometimes even if you love something so much

You have to let it go for the good that is to come

Please find that secret

Unlock it

And meet at the point where the roads diverge into the sunset.

I’ll be waiting…

P.S I.love.you.

(Probably still the most difficult three words to utter and really really mean) 

In my head you’re art and I see you everywhere

Every. single. where

In all the buildings and the walls in between

You’re hung up in the sunshine

Sketched into the stars

You’re in the green wave of the trees and the blue harmattan chills

In my head you’re art

And that is a lot of things if not everything.



There is a legendary tale…of when we are uncomfortable and we have to do something because we were made to do things. But what? What is this thing that we must do that we must not miss? We get tired a lot of times. I do. But what keeps me? What keeps me going? These words that constantly fight to come through me. Fighting relentlessly through the tip of my fingers. I know there is this thing I must do. I must get a house in the woods, a secluded place where I can think. I’m afraid I think too much but what do I do… what can I do? I’ll be in this house thumping out legendary tales. Tales that would one day change the world.





So I’m doing this because my friend Yemi suggested I try it out. This should help something …I don’t know what, but something…and it should be interesting too. I’ll be writing hourly (hopefully so) as the day progresses, I really hope I don’t go about rambling on and on about the mundane daily things you know … and hey blog! It’s been f-o-r-e-v-e-r!!! I think instagram (my computer doesn’t know what instagram is smurhh) stole a bit of your time (something always must be blamed aside my being lazy), but now I’ve repented of my evils and hope to be more frequent, and yaay we starting with this long story about my day…enjoy 🙂

7:38 am

I’ve done quite a number of things since I woke up. Sometimes while half awake, I unconsciously look for my phone to check the time and find how much longer I have to sleep, I turned and found out I had slept with and over the book I was reading last night, and it’s a bit rumpled now but it’s fine, the book should be fine… we’ve had our routine family devotion, I couldn’t listen through every single thing, I think about a lot of things during family devotion but I knew it was something about the thieves and Jesus on the cross, I remember because I read the bible passage – Luke 23:39-45. …I’m typing this now and then I plan to write in my to-do-list book after (because I’m not always that organised with things I have to do, a to-do-list helps a lot- literally) and yes it’s raining! It’s been raining very much for the past few days. They say something about Ife people and rain, but I’m not ready to subscribe to that ideology…

8:44 am

Watched Pastor Steven Furtick on TV, his program airs at 5 past 8 everyday… he’s my favorite preacher. He talked a lot about crashing the chatterbox, how most people get unnecessarily fearful instead of fixing their focus on Christ and what God has said about them, and this is irrespective of the conditions surrounding them…so it shouldn’t be about the conditions basically but where our focus is at. I talked with God for a while after that.  I’ll be at home mostly today, I have no class.  I should clean up the house and then do some laundry (woooorrrrrkkkkk!!!)

10:03 am

I think I missed an hour. I was busy cleaning up the house… I’m done with that now (who else has a timetable for all these stuff – cleaning, washing and cooking in their house??? :-/ ). Started on the laundry, hopefully that wouldn’t take so long. I’m partly watching a movie about an autistic baseball player who strives against all odds, seems very inspiring. I’m also texting a friend even though he ought to be paying attention in class, I should probably stop being a distraction haha

So it’s still raining… I wonder why it’s been raining so much, I need the sun to shine! … by the way, the Yoruba people, aka the Eku people would have totally perforated the atmosphere today with eku ojo yii, I don’t actually have the appropriate interpretation of that but it’s some form of greeting, or validation about the rain. Yoruba people can be strange.

11:42 am

The rain finally stopped. Well kinda. Now the sun can shine and I can spread my clothes to dry…my heart too, it’s been a bit cold.

01:51 pm

Just ate breakfast, fried yam and scrambled eggs, wanted to try my newly-discovered-signature garden egg sauce, but sadly the garden eggs at home had finished.  It’s really cold right now. I want to start on a movie and then maybe read after.

3:16 pm

Watching the movie- Trumbo… it’s a true life story of Dalton Trumbo, a screen writer and an American communist, I’m only about 25 minutes into the movie and I find it quite enlightening, full of conspiracies and controversies, something we still find in our world today, ever so subtle and planned.

I liked this line of conversation from the movie, quite random and might not fit into all what I just wrote up there, but…

Woman: (looks at an old portrait and smiles) we were so young, we thought we knew everything

Man: we did.

Woman: no not me… I remember thinking, now what do you do when you love something but it stops loving you back?

Man: you fight…

Woman:  (slowly) no,no,no, you love it more till it surrenders…

Now isn’t that some piece of advice.


05:06 pm

Trumbo is a great movie. You all should see it.  I should maybe do a movie review someday.

It’s raining again but I have to go to campus to pay my AIESEC dues – a campus organization I just got recruited for.

6:29 pm

Just got back from school, payment of the due was successful though not without the hassle of finding where exactly they were at. Some the AIESEC members were having a meeting, saw two of my secondary school classmates there, and one was even the financial secretary who signed my receipt (OAUIS repping :-))…and on my way there, I met a friend and kinda landed a deal for my card business. Good stuff.

07:29 pm

I’m eating now. I eat more when I’m home for most of the day, maybe because food is just some miles away :-)… right now, it’s spaghetti Bolognese and meatballs, with crispy fish nuggets. Just kidding, just spaghetti and stew and fish 🙂

8:04 pm

It’s late now, and no I’m not about to sleep yet 🙂 but this probably the last entry I’ll be making. It’s been fun! I told Yemi that this has made me take note of things that I would otherwise just overlook…so yeah it was really cool doing this. Maybe I’ll try this again some other time. I’ll continue reading my rumpled book now or not, maybe I’ll just cover myself up with blankets and sleep… it’s been a cold cold day. Thank you very much you and you and you for reading through *curtsies* let’s do this again! 🙂 🙂 🙂

And yes. Sorry. I promised myself I’ll write a poem today, sooo here:


This is how I imagine God looks down on all of us

– From the top of amphi theatre

Where everyone appears tiny and where the mountains surround the whole earth like shadows

It’s ethereal

And it feels powerful

Really powerful.

How with the wave of one finger He could just paint across the setting sun

Orange and yellow and a little bit of blue

Cos, it’s really close to the sky here

It has to be so much fun, I imagine

How he laughs and chuckles at angry mobs trying to have their way at the bus stop

Or maybe it’s pitiful

The human condition

Beautiful or pitiful

It’s either of those two

But every time I hope that when God looks down at me

Like I am looking down now from the top of amphi theatre

He sees nothing but beauty

Cascading beauty of spirit and soul floating through this earth.



The Wait


Everyday I wait patiently
By the seat near the yellow wall
The very place you told me to wait
Everyday I hope that you would pass by
But all I see are shadows
Refractions of the early morning sun
And each stretching day that I wait
I become more of a mist
A shadow that I can’t track
I can’t see you yet
But I can feel the lightness of the way
So I’ll wait no more
Tomorrow I’ll leave the seat empty
For I shall soon disappear
Like you.
Image from the fotor app



Well, it is not true that my history is only in my
heart; it is indeed there, but it is also in that dusty
road in my town and in every villager, living and
dead, who has ever walked on it. It is in my country
too; in my continent and yes in the world. That dusty
little road is my link to all the other destinations
Home and Exile (2000)
-Chinua Achebe