This is our country…

You might  want to ask me, am I proud to be Nigerian?…well I was just thinking about that 🙂 and being proud of something for me has a lot to do with what it is,how it has added to me and why exactly I should be proud of it? Putting Nigeria then into focus here,well,lets see- this is my country and aint nothing i’m gonna do about that :),how has it added to me…in a lot of ways actually,here,iv’e learnt such survival skills ‘learnable’ that i can live anywhere,well nearly 🙂 why must I be proud of it,oh well because its an entity and a geographical contiguity and yes,we have earned a name for ourselves as the most populous country on the continent!                                             So many of us just tolerate being Nigerian,and we find ourselves thinking ‘God,why did you not make me an American or even Chinese,I could manage that,but why Nigeria! why!’ I’ll tell you why, because Nigeria is a needy place and she requires our help and presence,all of us,and God definitely knows that,no wonder we’re so many. If you happen to validate the talents inherent in this nation,you’ll be amazed. So don’t run away with the very chance you get to leave, unless of course you’re convinced by God and you have a purpose for going, maybe you want to go and study there, a vacation or something..that’s excusable, but that you just want to run away with nothing in mind…nah, that’s almost cowardly. If you do, I really don’t blame you anyway,I’ve thought of that before. I find it amusing when I hear Nigerians say ‘I hate this country ehn, I can do absolutely anything to leave even if its some country nearby,anywhere but here’…imagine! It really isn’t our fault but why leave when you can help change something. Brother,sister, if you’ve been thinking like that,trust me,it’s not healthy,if you can’t love your own country,what makes you think the other country would love you #just thinking 🙂 I’m not saying people should not travel again, don’t get me wrong, all I’m saying is don’t hate your country just because it’s not the best in the world…

We have so many problems,yes,but ill like to make a point of correction there,they are not problems,they are just opportunities for us to showcase our talents, numerous as they are. I believe,every Nigerian has a purpose to fulfill in this land. Yes, our leaders aren’t always helping matters and yes they actually murdered a man who once found the cure to cancer but we shouldn’t for that run away from here,we should stick to our solutions like butter to bread and not let go until it’s brought to the limelight. I promise, you won’t get murdered (just go through the right paths anyway)… In fact let me just spill it out, I think Nigeria has probably the most beautiful cultures the world has ever known, I mean, what country has over a hundred ethnic groups…and yes, we are still together. Going back in our history, through everything we’ve been through as a nation,isn’t it amazing how we still are together. Seriously, Nigerians are a special people,still always happy, and for that I am proud to be one…

Every nation on earth has its specificity,like a prism,with various sides to it. Cultures differ and beliefs vary… and if i am able to tour the world in my lifetime,i already know what my conclusion would be…there is no place like home!


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