There is a legendary tale…of when we are uncomfortable and we have to do something because we were made to do things. But what? What is this thing that we must do that we must not miss? We get tired a lot of times. I do. But what keeps me? What keeps me going? These words that constantly fight to come through me. Fighting relentlessly through the tip of my fingers. I know there is this thing I must do. I must get a house in the woods, a secluded place where I can think. I’m afraid I think too much but what do I do… what can I do? I’ll be in this house thumping out legendary tales. Tales that would one day change the world.




3 thoughts on “

  1. I agree, we do need our ‘solitude’ for ‘sanity’ at times…

    [wondering aloud by the house in the woods]…but of what use will be the LEGENDARY tales written-in-the-woods-with-no-idea-on-how-the-world-is-currently-being-shaped be to the world?

    PS: STTM – stop thinking too much…tho’ I CAN be guilty of this too.


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